Achieve Excellence Hawaii

  SAT and ACT Prep Classes and Tutoring Services 

Our Philosophy

  1. We truly believe that every person matters and is important to God. Likewise, we should try our best to treat each person as someone who is special and important.
  2. We sincerely want every student to achieve his or her best on the SAT and in life.
  3. We certainly want each parent to get more than his or her money's worth and to feel extremely satisfied with every facet of the program.
  4. Thus, we pledge to do the following:

·         We will treat everyone with respect, courtesy, and warmth.

·         We will provide our students with the best tools and information.

·         We will train our students in tested and proven-to-work strategies.

·         We will familiarize our students with the content and questions they will encounter by giving them authentic SAT practice sections.

·         We will give our students detailed answer explanations so they know how to do each type of question.

·         We will provide our students with an encouraging and nurturing environment and make the test seem less intimidating.

·         We will encourage our students to have fun with icebreakers, games, activities, challenges, competitions, and rewards.

·         We will raise our students' confidence as they track their own scores and witness their own improvement and growth.

·         We will keep parents informed by providing them with an open line of communication and a detailed report at the completion of the program, including the next steps to take.