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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

     Our desire is that every student would meet or exceed the Average Score Improvement listed for his or her specific program (please see the Services/Rates page) and that his or her family would be completely satisfied with our program. (The student's Average Score Improvement is the difference between the student's initial score and his or her average score [the mean of the student's last three test scores for each subject] measured through our program. The Average Score Improvement is a realistic and accurate measurement of how the student may perform on the real SAT, but because there are conditions and factors of the real SAT that are beyond AEH's control, we cannot actually guarantee how the student will do on his or her real SAT.)

     If a student attends 95% or more of his or her program and completes 95% or more of his or her assignments but his or her Average Score Improvement does not meet or exceed the listed Average Score Improvement, or if the family is dissatisfied with any facet of our program, they may apply for a refund of 30% of their payment. To apply for a refund, please fill out the form below or contact us. We will discuss any issues with you prior to sending the refund.

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